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The 6th edition of SOFA – School of Film Agents has invited six participants from
six different countries having six great projects in tow! Scroll down and click on the nameslist below to learn more about the class of 2018 / 2019!

The SOFA class of 2018-2019

Eva Brazdžionytė | Lithuania | WIFT LT (Women in Film and Television Lithuania)

Eva Brazdžionytė

Project: WIFT LT (Women in Film and Television Lithuania)

WIFT LT aims to build and foster networking of women working in Lithuanian audio-visual and creative media industries, promote their professional activities and promote Lithuanian AV industry from the gender equality perspective.

Eva Brazdžionytė lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania and is the Industry Manager at Vilnius Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS since 2018. She also works as Distributor for Greta Garbo Films. From 2014 til 2017 she was the Head of Creative Europe Desk Lithuania MEDIA office and worked for several film festivals and film institutions as project manager and coordinator.

Agnieszka Kruk | Poland | Find Your Story

Agnieszka Kruk

Project: Find Your Story focuses on three areas: education, development and networking. The purpose of this project is to strengthen the third area. Find Your Story is a working name for an online platform we’re planning to establish this year. One of the biggest challenges for writers, especially the newcoming talents, is searching for a producer or director interested in their project. Writers see themselves as creative beings with no selling or networking skills. They get discouraged quickly and their self-confidence drops rapidly after a prolonged silence or a „no” from the first producer they approach. The ultimate goal for us in creating the platform is to make it easier (and less stressful) for screenwriters, producers and directors to find each other and start fruitful cooperation.

Script-neuron collider, that is... scriptwriter, educator, creator and organizer of events for scriptwriters. Agnieszka Kruk holds two MA degrees in 20th century literature (British and Dutch), studied screenwriting at Warsaw Film School and Łódź Film School. She has credits in ca. 1200 episodes of prime time television series. She created and organized the biggest Polish festival for scriptwriters Script Fiesta and a pitching event Pitch Fiesta (2012-1017). Translator of Linda Aroson's "21st Century Screenplay: A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Tomorrow's Films". Author of education programmes for scriptwriters and script consultants. Certified script coach. Expert evaluating documentary and feature projects for the Creative Europe MEDIA programme. Founder and head lecturer at

Victoria Leshchenko | Ukraine | FAQ film fest – festival on science and technologies

Victoria Leshchenko

Project: FAQ film fest – festival on science and technologies

FAQ film festival on science and technologies is a Kyiv based project in development. The mission of the future festival is to fulfil a passion for science and grow the seeds of critical thinking among Ukrainian audience. Delivering the most provocative answers to the trivia questions it will showcase striking film and science talk events. FAQ is an audience&science community-tailored week of non-stop communication along with performances and live experiments. A part of festival activities will be a science slam where participants will present their own scientific research work in front of a non-expert audience. Also FAQ film festival is a provocative territory comparing to classical film festival world. It's looking for progressive ways to talk to its audience using the new media tools, languages and experiences (screenings on demand, VR exhibitions etc).

Victoria Leshchenko lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. She studied Ukrainian philology and Cultural studies in National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy. After graduation joined the team of Molodist International Film Festival. During 2007-2011 she was engaged there in different activities from being editor-in-chief of festival publications to program coordinator. Since 2010 she has been working for Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival where currently occupies a position of program coordinator.

Marat Parkhomovsky | Israel | IFA Digital Experiences

Marat Parkhomovsky

Project: IFA Digital Experiences

IFA Digital Experiences is a state of the art web platform dedicated to unlocking the treasures of the Israeli Film Archive to local and world public. The platform will design various VOD experiences based on the archive's rich historical documentary collection and its feature film collection, that include more than 5000 titles. The films will be accompanied by exciting special features, including video interviews and essays, filmmakers' and film experts' audio commentaries, interactive screenplays and much more.

Marat Parkhomovsky is a film and theater director and entrepreneur, specializing on projects of cultural memory preservation. In 2015 he launched (Israeli Cinema Testimonial Database), an extensive new media documentary project, dedicated to preserving the memory of Israeli film industry through 300 hours of in-depth interviews with its pioneers. In 2013 Parkhomovsky was recruited by Israeli Ministry of Culture to create the ultimate database of Israeli Cinema, the Israeli IMDB ( The site was launched in 2016 with 1200 titles, including full credits, stills, reviews and articles scans and much more. Additionaly, Marat Parkhomovsky directed various theater works on the main stages of Israeli alternative theater and wrote about film and theater for leading Israeli publications.

Róbert Vámos | Hungary | Satellite Trailers

Róbert Vámos

Project: Satellite Trailers

Satellite Trailers’ mission is to help Central- and Eastern-European films and filmmakers maximize their audience, and increase the share of regional films in European markets by delivering high-quality trailers, teasers, and promos. As a response to the challenge set by small market sizes for the emergence of specialized trailer-houses in the region, Satellite Trailers is dedicated to develop a regional scope, targeting, among others, the former Soviet satellite states. The company’s aim is to bring together talents in editing, sound design, story telling and marketing, all sharing a single purpose: helping regional films and film-makers in reaching their audience, and contribute to the promotion of local films in the region.

Based in Budapest, and with professional experience as an economist and fundraising manager at the Hungarian cultural scene, Róbert Vámos first joined the film industry in 2013, and has collaborated with various local production companies on multiple feature films. In 2017, he joined Hungary's leading independent production company Proton Cinema where he worked as a junior producer and an assistant-to-producer. His experience involves financial development of feature films, post-production coordination, development of campaign materials, and on-set assistance. Robert is an alumnus of Torino Film Lab’s Audience Design section, and is affiliated with APostLab. He holds two graduate degrees in Political Science and Health Economics from Central European University and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Natia Nikoleishvili | Georgia | Post Production Platform

Natia Nikoleishvili

Project: Post Production Platform

Post Production Platform - A map of post production capabilities in the Georgian film industry offering access to highly trained technicians and artists, freelance specialists, and experienced companies. Here you can estimate your budget and build up a professional team.

Natia Nikoleishvili workes as a producer and film director and is also a post production producer at Windfor’s which won numerous prestigious awards including Silver Cannes Lion - the first one for Georgia. She is the cofounder of Georgian Film Cluster that promotes Georgian film industry abroad, establishes linkages between Georgian and international film producers and identifies new opportunities for trainings and apprenticeships with international partners.

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